Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Pond's Complete Solution-Pimple clear white Face Wash Review

Ponds Pimple Clear White Multi Action Face Wash & Scrub

Hi everybody...I was not well for some time so could not give much attention to my blog.I try my level best to make it as a habit to write every day a new thing for you all but my hectic work schedule keep me so busy.Anyway,just wanted to write a quick review about Pond's Pimple clear Face wash.Pond's have n number of face washes in market but this is complete Solution-Pimple clear Face Wash and that means this particular face wash is one stop solution for acne affected skin.

What Pond's have to say about this:-

Pond’s Pimple-Clear White Facial Wash with multi action formula fights 10 oil and pimple problems to give you fresh, clear and fairer skin. It includes a powerful combination of ingredients like herbal clay, pimple fighting salicylic formula with gentle beads and brightening essence. Being young is all about living life to the fullest every day and being careless and free. 

The new Pond’s Pimple Clear White Facial Wash fights 10 oil and pimple problems to give you fresh, clear and fair skin that you always desired. Multiaction Facial Wash: Oil Absorbing Clay, Pimple Fighting Salicyclic Formula & Brightening Essence.

Removes Excess Oil, Clears Pimples, Reduces Pimple related blemishes, Reduces redness, Calms skin, Reduces blackheads, Reduces whiteheads, Smoothens roughness, Tightens pores & Brightens skin.

Features & Benefits :

  • Oil absorbing herbal clay - removes excess oil from the pores & helps clear pimples.

  • Pimple fighting salicylic formula - washes away 99% of pimple-causing germs. It reduces blackheads, whiteheads, & redness.

  • Brightening essence - infuses brightening essence to reduce dullness & make your skin fairer.
  • 100 grams for 140 INR.
  • 50 grams for 75 INR .  
It is purely meant for oily skin.Period.Then why did i buy it.I was facing a lot of acne problem from some time.It was few months ago i got allergy due to a cream i had used and it was so bad that my face was swollen and i had to visit Dermatologist.He did suggested some medicines and cream but once that medication period was over i was left with some acne on my face.It was turning bad day by day.So i just picked this Face wash from Nykaa.com. I was not expecting any miracle but just thought of picking it up because i have used their Ponds Daily Spot-Less Lightening Facial Foam in the past and i loved it and always had good experience with their products.Moreover it contains Salicylic acid which is good for acne.

 How to use: I take a very little amount because it lathers up quite well and rub my face and then rinse with cold water.I normally use it as a part of my night regimen because after day's pollution and everything it removes dirt and excess oil from the face and brightens face.I use Kama Ayurveda rose & Jasmine Face cleanser during the day regimen because that's very mild.


  • Nice packing.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Brightens the skin.
  • Not expensive.
  • Salicylic Acid as component is good for acne.
  • Removes every bit of dirt from the face.
  • As claimed, it removes oil from the face.
  • Oily skin people would love it.
  • Not meant for dry skin.Stay away from this .It will strip away all the oil from your face leaving it stretchy and dry.
Go for it if you have oily skin and acne issues .But don't accept it to do any miracles for you.It will just help you to keep the oil away.There are other better face washes (medicated and non medicated )available in market to help you with the acne issues.If you are a hoarder like me you may try it otherwise not a must buy product.

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