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Hey folks..It's been long time i have not written any post .I was too occupied with work at office.Anyways apologies for that. I recently came across this site called mydermacy.Ever since i have been asking them different questions about skincare and have been acting as a maniac.I desperately needed some good advice..Anyways , what ever they recommended me sounded great so i thought of giving it a try .I am in my late twenties.I basically told them that my skin is dry and dull plus a lot of pigmentation issues with my skin .I had sent them a picture of mine highlighting all the concerns .So this is what they recommended me and  i am certainly not recommending or suggesting anyone to try this unless you consult a doctor.
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A few sessions of chemical peels with a dermatologist will solve the dual purpose of evening out your skin tone and early anti ageing.

Start using a sunscreen viz sunheal or suncros uv a regularly during the day time and a retinol based cream cream viz ega cream(pea sized) at night. keeping your skin well hydrated is the key to a healthy glow so exercise regularly and drink 2-3 litres of water everyday.Use vitamin C serum followed by sunscreen .

Dr Jyoti

What ever products they recommended were not available in the market, so i had to look out for options online and i found them on,, it was out of bad luck then I came across this site while searching for Flavo C serum from Auriga."THE SKIN STORE". I was happy to see all the Derma products there.. Some of the brands like Physiogel, La-Roche Posay, Dermastir are not easily available.I would certainly recommend anyone looking for Derma products online to visit the skin store. I would certainly order Auriga products and sunscreen from the skin store.

That's all for now.I will soon update you with the feedback of The Skin Store.

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