Friday, 3 April 2015


Kanchipuram /Kanjivaram Sarees

A Kanchipuram sari (also known as a Kanjivaram sari) is a type of sari traditionally made by weavers from Kanchipuram located in Tamil Nadu, India. Popularly known as The Silk City, Kanchipuram is referred to as South India's answer to Banarasi saris.

I love kanjivaram sarees a lot. Up in north India, people rarely wear sarees on their wedding unlike south Indians. But I plan to wear one on my wedding .Celebrities like Rekha, Vidya Balan, Sridevi are often spotted wear Kanjivaram a lot. But it is not easy to carry Kanjivaram Saree and preserving it is all together is a big pain. Though i do not know much about it but i just want to own one or two may be.I wanted to share my love for Kanjivarams here. Enjoy it ....:)

Price of a kanjivaram saree may start from 2000 and can go up to 1-2 lacs also.
Pure White Pure Bliss


Purple Obsession
Beautiful Style
Pink Fantasy

Golden Bliss
Color is so nice
Loved this Multi color Saree

More than Saree I loved the blouse

I love the way colors have been mixed here

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