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Loreal Professional Paris Absolut Repair cellular serum

Hair care & skin care products always attract me and am always on spree. I already have at least 5-6 types of serums but then how difficult is to hold your horses and restraint yourself from buying products. I hope you understand what I mean to say.  Anyways, I would be reviewing others also but I chose this first because I am using this serum these days and I am always looking out for new ones.

PRODUCT: L’Oreal Professional Paris Absolut Repair Cellular Serum Review.

Loreal Professional Paris Absolut Repair cellular serum

PACKAGING: A brown color transparent bottle with pump packaging and a silver cap.

silver Cap
What L’Oreal says about the product
L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Absolut Repair Serum helps to smooth and prevent split ends. It is the equivalent of First-aid for split ends.


 L'Oreal Professional Serie Expert Absolut Repairing Treatment Serum is infused with Unifibrine, a smart complex of smoothing polymers.

  • Instantly attracted to more damaged areas after application
  • Helps to smooth and unify the hair surface
  • Protects against further damage by traveling along the hair shaft
  • Suitable for damaged hair

PRICE: 50 ml – 580 INR. I bought it online from

Price:580 for 50 ml

I do not have very long hair. The quantity depends actually on your hair length. I normally take 1 or 2 drops of the serum because I hate greasy hair. Unnecessary amount of serum can make your hairs limp and greasy. I even restrict oiling once in a month .I know that’s bad but then I just hate oil. I remember having waist length hair till 10th standard and my mom used to regularly oil my hair with Bengal Chemical Canthradine oil and wash it with Halo shampoo. My hair were so healthy and shiny but then after 10th I started cutting my hair and till date I still struggle to grow my hair .It is not even till shoulders. I feel like crying. Sorry for this unrelated information but couldn’t control myself. Just wanted to put my point how much I hate oil.


  • Take a pea size amount if you have long hairs or else 1-2 drops would also work for short hair length.

  • Rub it in between your palms and apply it directly to hair starting from mid way till down.

  • Make sure you don’t end up applying it on your scalp or else it will make your hairs look greasy.

FRAGRANCE: It is same as that of a shampoo and it lingers on to your hands till you will wash your hands and it remains on to hair till next 2-3 hours. I love its fragrance.

TEXTURE: It is transparent in nature and not sticky neither runny, just perfect for a serum to be.


Texture of the serum

I did not buy this product for split ends because I don’t have any. I wanted something to tame my frizzy hair .I apply it after every wash .I take a very small amount just apply it on my hairs and rub my hairs vigorously .once done I comb my hair immediately after applying because it is effectively absorbed that time and it gives you better idea whether you need more or not.
After applying, my hair feels so soft and shiny and manageable also. It makes your hair super glossy and result is here.        

I do not have split ends so cant really comment on that. It cannot help already damaged hair but yes it will help in preventing further damage to you hairs. Applying it for longer period of time will yield better results.


  • Pump packaging.

  • Fragrance is so divine.

  • Quantity wise it is very economical.

  • Travel friendly.


  • As the company claims that it is treatment product which it is not, it is just that it will help you with managing frizzy hair and will make your hair look glossier. Otherwise there is nothing that will catch your fancy.

  • I always have that fear that bottle will slip from my hands and will break but I am not counting it as a con.

  • Already existing split ends cannot vanish away with usage of this product.

  • Expensive.


Well if you are looking for something which can help you with frizzy hair and you are one of those wandering souls like me looking for something extra and new then you have hit the jackpot. This will help you with taming your unruly dry hair and protect you from split ends. You can go ahead and buy this.


WOULD I REPURCHASE? No, because I have other bottles to finish and this serum is not different from other serums.

I wont buy it again.