Monday, 30 June 2014


Hey guys!!! The wait is over...

I am so damn excited because Forever 21 has launched its online store in India. 

Isn't this amazing?? The option was not available earlier in India. It was only available abroad. All of us like shopping @ FOREVER 21.Don't We? and the best thing is that their apparels and accessories are not also priced too high unlike Zara, Vero Moda. I get headache whenever i see price tag of Zara or Vero Moda and i dunno why i never ever like their stuff. Price is not the only reason :). Sometimes it is print that turns me off and sometimes the stuff seems to be too expensive .No offense to Zara Fans.  I visited their stores at Saket (New Delhi) and Subhash Nagar (New Delhi) but has never been a fan of their clothing but Whenever I visit Forever 21 i just can resist and end up buying something o other from their store and now when it is online its gonna be more fun..Forever21 India website is now up and running...

You can visit FOREVER21 online store now.

Love such denim
This is so cool

Enjoy shopping..Yooooohooooo....

All the pictures taken from Forever21 India website.