Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Hi everybody …

I don’t know how many of you knew that Za were giving free samples of True White Day cream. I was one of the lucky recipients of the same.I am not sure if they are closed with this offer yet or not and if not, then all you are supposed to do, is like their page on Facebook and send them your details like Name, Address & Phone Number  on and they will send you the free sample. If you don’t want to do all of this then you can simply you can head to any of the malls and get it there at ZA counter. Sooooo simple.

I will be reviewing it very soon .I have heard rave reviews of Za true white Day cream and I hope I like it too. I wanted to try this from long time because it comes from such a trusted brand and i hope it suits me well.Will review it once it finishes.Though it is very small tube but still enough to know whether it will suit me or not.


Have you tried the Za True white Day cream? Share your views here.