Friday, 30 May 2014



  1. YOGHURT: You can include yoghurt in your diet because it helps in preventing wrinkles. It clears out the complexion. You can notice sea of a difference in your skin and hair by just applying it externally every alternate day on your face and body. It will give you required glow .Imagine the benefits it will give you if you will include it in your daily diet. 

  1. WALNUTS: Do include them in your daily diet because walnuts protect you against cancer .Gives you lustrous hair and glowing skin.

  1. OATMEAL: It has tremendous benefits. Start your day with a handful of oats in milk. Apply oats to your face & body either for exfoliating or for acne or for skin lightening. It helps in managing weight, prevents you against cholesterol also.


  1. SALT: I believe anything that is white is not good for your skin. Excess of salt in your food can cause wrinkles especially near your eyes because skin around eye area is very thin. Salt retains water therefore giving you puffy eyes also.

  1. SUGAR: Like I said, white is bad for you. Sugar has endless harmful consequences. Excess sugar affects your blood vessels and accentuates skin aging process. Decrease your sugar intake and see the difference in your skin. You will get brighter and younger looking skin.

  1. COFFEE: Now this helps only at times. Like if you drink coffee, it is believed that it helps in avoiding diabetes but excess of everything is bad for health. Taking in excess not only stains your teeth, but also dehydrates your body making it look less glowing.

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