Friday, 30 May 2014


1.     BEAUTY TIP NO.1:

Nails stained from dark polishes?-Here’s how you can get rid of it:-

Rub Lemon on your stained nails for 5 minutes .It will help brighten nails instantly. I read it somewhere that models use this trick a lot to get rid of stained nails since they have to apply nail paints very often.

Not only this, lemon can help you in strengthening the nails also. Just dip your nails in lemon water for 10 minutes .Not only nails will look brighter but they will be prevented against fragility.

2.     BEAUTY TIP NO.2:

Vaseline is my best friend:-

All of us know that Vaseline is worshiped like god during winters. It is used on lips, dried elbows and dry skin but did you know that it could be used as an eye makeup remover also. Personal experience: I used it is an eye make up remover and it does wonders.

Also, I use it on my heels everyday along with glycerin in order to protect them from cracking. It works 10, 000 times better than those creams available in market for cracked heels.

To brighten up your eyes or to make them look highlighted. Just pop some Vaseline on your eyes and your ready to go girl...

3.     BEAUTY TIP NO.3:

Eye puffiness around eyes:-

To reduce puffiness around eyes forget shelling out 4000-5000 INR on costly eye creams. 

Use this simple tip, take a green tea bag , put it in a fridge for some time and when it is cold enough use it as a treatment to reduce puffiness.

4.     BEAUTY TIP NO:4:

Get rid of yellow teethes:-

Have you tried those toothpastes for whitening your teeth after watching those useless advertisements? Forget about that. 

A simple and priceless tip to whiten your teeth. Just take one strawberry and rub it into your teeth or mash up the strawberry into the paste, then dipping your toothbrush in it, brush your teeth. If you do it for couple of times, you will notice significant whitening of your teeth.

5.     BEAUTY TIP NO.5:

Fighting pimples:-

Worried about pimples and tired of fighting with them. Fight pimples with toothpaste. 

Yes… why not. Whenever I get zits I always apply toothpaste and this really helps me getting rid of this overnight but excess of everything is bad. So limit your use and it should be plain white toothpaste. 

This can be a good alternative on occasions when you don’t have a proper spot treatment at hand or when you are out of your usual acne cream – but remember, that it should be used rarely.

6.     BEAUTY TIP NO.6:

Best lip and cheek stain:-

If you want to naturally stain your lips, use beetroot .

Beetroot could be used as lip stain and as well as cheek stain. Nothing works better than this.

7.     BEAUTY TIP NO.7:

Best Makeup remover:-

You just ran out of makeup remover and you don’t have time to go shop for another .No problem, take olive oil and remove your make up .It will not only help you in removing makeup but also helps in hydrating the skin .

Best is remove makeup with olive oil .Dip a towel in hot water and keep it on your face for some time and trust me you would find your skin much more brighter and softer in the morning. Not only Olive oil but Johnson’s baby oil also helps in same.

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