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Forest Essentials Lightening and Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion

Forest Essentials Lightening and Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion

I have always heard a lot of good reviews about this particular product and it is such a hyped product. The whole blogging world is going gaga over it. I had to purchase it.

I purchased this scrub from Forest Essentials store which is in DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj .At the same time Sephora was offering 20 % flat discount on all the products because they were launching their sephora white card .But to my dismay I had already purchased the product from FE store and I was so sad that I was almost in tears.


Forest Essentials Tejasvi Night Emulsion is specially formulated by combining unique natural moisturizers along with selected Ayurvedic herbs to provide extraordinary fairness,smoothness and suppleness to the skin. Cow’s Ghee is used as a carrier (Yohavahi) for herbs because of its supreme penetrating qualities and ability to carry actives of herbs deep into the skin .Cow’s Ghee along with Coconut oil and Organic Beeswax soften, nourish, protect and strengthen the skin tissues. Active herbs like KasturiManjal, Peepal and Banyan leaves are very potent antioxidant agents which help reducing the damaging effect of free radicals. Specific herbs like Akashneem and Jivantimakes the skin tone lighter and brighter and keeps it flawless. Regular usage of Tejasvi Night Emulsion enhances elasticity of the skin leaving it with a lighter fairer skin tone,supple and youthful with a noticeably soft resilient and ‘plumped’ quality, and a radiant glow or “Tejas”.


This product is based on infusion of precious herbs for lightening and brightening the skin,into pure cow’s milk ‘ghee’. 


Use after cleansing at night. Massage gently onto face avoiding eye area, for at least twenty minutes. Wipe with damp cotton. Wash face with Ubtan or Fruit Scrub the next morning. 

  • Traditional infusion method of herbs and Cow’s Milk Ghee
  • Smooth porcelain skin.
  • Makes skin lighter and fairer
  • Gives a Tejas or radiant glow


1975 INR

You can it buy it from  Amazon or


I had purchased it few months ago and wanted to try it badly because I had heard it contains Pure Cow ghee. And as the name says “lightening and brightening” it can go make any girl go crazy because all of us dream of glowing fair skin. And I had used it religiously before my sister’s wedding. It proved to be great product. Most of the times, My face was sans makeup and trust me I got lot of compliments for my skin.

I used to apply it before going to bed. I was given a spatula with Tejasvi Ubtan but not with this. I think digging fingers to take out the product is totally a turn off for me. So I used to use spatula to take out product from the tub because little amount is sufficient for the face. I used to give a nice massage to my face for good 20 mins .

Whenever I applied it my skin used to glow next morning. Without being greedy I restricted myself to use it only twice a week because I was afraid of the fact that it should not give me any breakouts because it makes skin a little oily but Oh boy next morning after washing my face it used to glow from within...I used Hand pounded organic scrub from the same range to wash my face and trust me I need more products like this in my life. I have stopped using this product as of now because it is heavy on face during summers. It might give you zits.

  • Contains pure ghee which is like best for your skin.
  • Skin becomes clearer day by day.
  • Skin starts glowing from inside and that glow is not temporary.
  • Evens out skin tone to certain extent.
  • Skin becomes soft and plump.


  • Not for oily skin.
  • Bit expensive but good things in life are never cheap.
  • Tub packing but what other option they had.


It is a pure luxury product. If you need some pampering for your skin then you may buy it .It contains pure cow ghee and lot of other herbs to give your face that deserving glow. If you have a wedding to attend or you have to hit party and you want an instant glow you can apply a night before to get soft plump and radiant face next morning. I loved it and so will you.

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