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Hi everyone I am back with another post and this time its Forest Essentials and I have to admit this, that I just Loveeeeeeee Forest Essentials.


Whenever I enter Forest Essentials store, I just fell in love with the fragrance that lingers on to me till I leave the store and I end up buying something or the other from them.Anyways coming to review I bought this few months back and I just LOVE this product from Forest Essentials.


  • Ubtans, made from finely ground herb, flower and root powders which are sun dried and ground by hand, are used as cleansing scrubs or as face packs for deeper exfoliation.

  • They are made into pastes by adding a small amount of the appropriate liquid, usually rosewater, milk or yoghurt, until the mixture achieves a smooth and creamy consistency.

  • They contain Neem leaves which are purifying for the skin.

  • Jasmine neutralizes oil production and evens skin tone.

  • Sandalwood retains moisture levels and is toning, purifying, cooling and soothing.

  • Fennel is stimulating and toning, it evens skin tone and smoothes texture.

  • Saffron gives the skin a warm glow.Almond paste is deeply nourishing and restores suppleness to dry skin.

  • Kasturi Manjal is purifying and anti-septic.

  • Chirongi has nourishing and toning properties and evens skin texture and gives luster to the skin.

  • Fenugreek is deep-cleansing and highly nutritious in Vitamin B.

  • Peepal leaves are toning. Nut grass controls the sebum production of oil glands.

  • Pista is deeply nourishing. Vidarikand increases the moisture level of skin and helps to maintain natural hydration.

  • Anantmool is effective for acne and pigmentation.Apricots oil nourishes, revitalizes, softens and improves skin elasticity.
  • Saffron gives the skin a warm glow.Shalmali gently exfoliates dead skin cells and acts as a natural complexion enhancer.  
  • Sal is a natural astringent; it cleanses and controls sebum production.
  • Durva restores firmness, eliminates fine lines and increases collagen production.


To make this unique product we incorporate the Traditional Ayurvedic processes Hand grinder (Chakki and Okhali for grinding and mixing.


Forest Essentials Tejasvi Milk Ubtan is a powerful exfoliating treatment that stimulates the underlying tissues of the skin. By its revitalizing, refreshing & refining actions, this 'Ubtan' helps in restoring the natural glow of the complexion. Its regular usage prevents the occurrence of premature fine lines and keeps the skin hydrated and moist.
The natural ingredient of ‘Ubtan’ also improves skin texture and removes tan. 

HOW TO USE(This is how forest essentials recommends):-

Take half teaspoon and mix with yoghurt or rosewater to make a creamy paste. Use to wash face. Rinse well.


100% pure and organically grown natural herbs • Made with traditional method of grinding.


Kasturi Manjal 14%, Neem Leaves 12%, Fennel Seeds 12%, Sweet Almond Paste 10%, Chirongi Seed 7%, Sandalwood Oil 6%, Fenugreek 5%, Nut Grass 5% Peepal Bark 4%, Pista 4%, Vidarikand 3%, Anantmool 3%, Apricot Oil 2%, Saffron 2%, Aralu 2%, Shalmali 2%, Sal 2%, Pittapapda 2%, Durva 2%, Full Cream Milk 1%.

PRICE:- 695 INR for 1.7 oz/e 50 g.Enough quantity I must say.

PLACE:- You can buy them from

DELHI: Saket (select City Walk), Subhash Nagar (Pacific Mall),Khan Market, Greater Kailash,DLF place Mall,DLF Promenade,DLF City Gurgaon.

For other Locations check this out.


When I had received this bag they had kept some rose petals in the bag and when I reached home I did not leave that bag for some time .I smelled it again and again. It smelled nice because that sandalwood fragrance got merged with roses and it was just wow and whenever I open FE bag I first smell and then use Tejasvi. I also got a wooden spatula along with it. J This looks so cute and nice. I just can’t let go of this ever. :)


1.      Open the lid and just smell it first, it would revive your senses. It’s like as if you are in some spa.
2.      Next, take a little amount if you have a similar spatula then 2 is enough .You can see the size of spatula and take the amount accordingly.
3.      Add milk, yoghurt, milk crème or honey if you have dry skin or add water or rose water if you have oily skin.
4.      Let it be on your face for 15-20 minutes, scrub and then wash it off with cold water. Yes you can use it as a scrub also. For people who have sensitive skin like me for them it’s a very nice.
I have been using this Face pack from last 3 months every alternate day. I normally add honey and rose water during summers and milk or Yoghurt during winters. This ubtan thoroughly cleanses skin and removes access oil without drying the skin.


  • Though I have Dry skin but at the same time it’s very sensitive so I always fear of breakouts but this product did not give me any breakouts.

  • Whenever I apply this face pack I always see shine on my face which at least lasts for day or two and I love that shine and glow on my face.

  • Just a great deal for Rs.695.This bottle will last for a year at least.

  • Nice packing. I liked it.

  • Suitable for all skin types.

  • It can be used as a scrub also.


  • Nothing. :)

Rating: 5 Kisses.

Totally Recommended!!!!Do buy this.

I would be purchasing this only if this would finish. But I don’t think I will be able to finish it before a year. But otherwise a great product to use.

Next on my list are FE Tejasvani Emulsion and FE Date and Litchi Day Cream.

Stay Tuned.