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Thinking about marriage itself makes a bride glow but there is something more that you need to do to achieve that look on your D-Day. Curious Onlookers remain glued to their seats just to look at the bride. If she is glowing People would say”Bahu toh bahut khoobsoorat hai” and you feel satisfied.Its not only about the people around you but compliments  which you get from the groom makes you blush and you obviously want to hear those words from your husband that you are looking beautiful and you feel task is accomplished.

Makeup alone cannot bring difference to your skin. It is at least a 6 months ritual that you need to follow to achieve that glow on your wedding day. In fact one must follow all these tips on regular basis. But it becomes necessary for the bride bride-to-be to take extreme care of her skin and face to stand out on her D day.

There are lot of things that a bride-to-be should take care of .She needs to dazzle from tip to toe.


  • It is not only about your glowing skin but also about your shiny hair and healthy scalp. Healthy and shiny hair will let you experiment with your different hairstyles, hair coloring ideas and it is very important to visit a reputed dermatologist to treat your scalp problems if any.Dandruff, frizzy and damaged hair can pull down your self esteem .So to avoid any such experiences its better to consult a doctor .

  • Make sure you get a hair spa done every month in case if you do not have much of issues but in case if you have damaged or brittle hair or problem of split ends then it is preferred to get a hair spa done at least twice in a month so that it can help you in managing your tresses. Ask for Protein treatments. They are very effective.

  • In case if you are planning to color your hairs make sure that you do it at least 1 month before your wedding because any bad experiences with coloring your hairs could be tackled easily and in case if any touch ups are needed it could be done a week before your wedding. Also, ensure that you are in right hands and have a consultation included in the package with a hair expert.

  • Don’t forget to get yourself a nice and new trendy hair cut which you can flaunt on your honeymoon.

  • At home include massaging your scalp at least twice in a week with connotation of Oils like Almond, coconut, Olive and castor oil. They have their own benefits and can help you with giving healthy and shiny hair.

  • If case if you have dandruff, try some home remedies like applying curd to the scalp or mixture of camphor and coconut oil also helps you a lot.


  • Now is the most important part of your body .Face requires a lot of attention and care. Make sure you enroll yourself into a package which would include all the things which would pamper you .Bleaching and facials should be necessarily done at least once in a month. You can also opt for natural ways for bleaching your face and body. Curd can act as a natural bleaching agent, lemon and honey mixed together can you give good results.

  • Start applying honey and lemon daily to your face in the evening and apply curd, sandalwood, besan (gram flour) and turmeric (haldi) to your face and body daily in the morning if you have dry skin and replace sandalwood powder with Multani mitti if you have oily skin. This will help you in achieving desired results.

  • If you have any major concerns like pigmentation, uneven skin tones or facial hair make sure that you take up this concern with your doctor. Laser treatments are being given to reduce facial hair and there are lots of treatments that are being given to tackle such face concerns. Kaya, VLCC, Lakme are pioneers in this. You may try Alps beauty clinic also for your facial and hair concerns.

CLEANING: Try and include suitable face washes according to your skin types which should be SLS free because SLS only damages your skin. Opt for Ayurvedic Face washes, you can explore Bodyshop and Forest essentials for the same. They have large variety of skin care products.

EXFOILATING: Exfoliate your skin at least on alternate days. My favorite is The nature’s company coffee Scrub. You can use any scrub which is suitable to your skin.

FACE PACKS: Try various ubtans on your face .My favorite is Forest essentials tejasvi ubtan for dry skin and you can try Multani mitti from the same range for oily skin. Try including face packs which will help rejuvenating your skin.

MOISTURIZING: Include at least one brightening cream and serum in your daily routine. During the day you can apply sun screen and serum and during the night apply serum and night cream.


  • Again very important. All that shopping and running here and there will only exhaust you so you need to relax yourself and the maximum strain is on your eyes. A persons age is only reflected in his/her eyes and can be calculated with number of lines he/she has under his/her eyes. So it’s very important to take care of your eyes.

  • Buy some under eye masks or under eye cream to treat dark circles, puffy eyes. Try Forest Essentials intensive anise eye cream, wunder eye cream or loccatine eye cream and if you can increase your budget you can go for Estee Lauder eye cream. They are very effective.


  • Do include effective hand and feet cream in your routine. Try using a mixture of glycerin and any hand cream (My personal favorite is The body shop Almond Cream) .It will soften your hands and for feet you can try medicated creams easily available at medical stores or apply glycerin on your heels.


  • Pamper yourself with manicure and pedicure also once in a month.


  • Exercise to relax your mind and body.Join some gym or dancing classes.

  • Avoid eating out too often & try avoiding Oily and junk food.

  • Keep your mind and system clean.

  • At least drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

  • Drink at least 2 cups of green tea daily.

  • Avoid taking stress. It can create havoc.

  • Always prefer to get your facials done from the beauty clinics recommended by your relatives or friends.

  • Lay more emphasis on chemical free products.

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