Monday, 12 May 2014


Few days ago I visited Lakme salon –Pitampura.I was longing for a good facial from a long time. So I planned my visit to Lakme Salon .I was not sure which branch to visit. I was first planning to go to Rajouri garden branch because I’d heard that they are very good with their services but let me tell you I am a lazy bum so I ended up visiting pitampura branch because its very near to my place . I was little skeptical whether is should try them for facial or hair spa. She gave me the rate card and I jumped out of the chair looking at their rates. They had recently revised their rate list. Their facial range starts from 1000 and above and I know this is normal but then I had to pay 15.36% extra tax also. I really don’t understand for what one needs to pay tax. Anyways 3 % was luxury tax and rest 12.36 % service tax. I was so disappointed .

Their normal range starts from 2000 and for bridals and special occasions, range starts from 3000 and above .I had no idea what would suit my skin type. They had very few options for dry and dull skin. They suggested me to take Vit C facial but then few days ago I had visited their Janakpuri branch also and they had told me that Vitamin C suits Oily skin people so I got confused .Finally after speaking to them they suggested me Insta Glow facial and I finally decided to give Insta glow a shot rather then trying Vitamin C.

I was taken care by Neha.She was nice .All the time she was asking me about how I felt and all.

I was given facial in a closed room, normally if you would see very few parlors have option of single room otherwise its always on sharing basis. Once I changed in the gown provided by them, Neha started cleaning my face with the cleansing paste .All the products she used,were from Lakme itself..

SKIN TYPE: Dull and dehydrated

  • She started the procedure with cleansing my face and also gave me a nice massage in order to remove dirt from face.

  • Next came the toning. The smell was so pungent .I could not stand it .After applying toner she covered my face with tissue and pressed it nicely.

  • Next she used a gel based exfoilator and started exfoliating my face and gave me steam for about 2-3 minutes .She then used a stick to extract blackheads. I felt exfoliating process was little under done. She should have done it for at least 5 minutes. The gel based exfoilator was sans granules so i really have no idea if it was really effective or not.

  • She reapplied toner on my face.She said no matter what your skin type is , one should always apply toner and i was under this impression that dry skin ladies do not need toning.

  • Then she gave me a nice massage on my back which was so relaxing.I actually wanted to sleep.

  • Once she was done with Back massage, she penetrated aloe Vera gel with some ultrasonic machine. This aloe vera gel was cooling and soothing. She said it’s completely safe and it helps in penetrating the gel and creams better and she used it hardly for a minute or two and the gel was completely absorbed by my skin.

  • Over this she applied fruit gel and then again gave me a full fledged massage. I felt so relaxed and Neha made sure that I was enjoying the massage.

  • At last she applied Vitamin c pack which was meant for Dry skin and she kept it for another 10-15 minutes and finally washed it off with cold water. To finish off, she applied moisture finish sunscreen from Lakme.


My skin felt soft and supple after the procedure but the glow was missing. I was asked not to wash my face with any of the face washes for next 24 hrs. I thought may be it takes a day or 2 to get the glow but it did not give any sort of glow on my face. I was actually looking for something which would instantly brighten up my face.

Service:             3/5.

Ambience:         3.5/5.
Product used:   2/5 (only gave me soft skin but imparted no glow).

Price Paid:        1225 .It was actually for 1250 but they were giving away discounts on the facials and other services so I had to just pay 1225 after getting 15 % discount.

Do i recommended: No..Never. Rate is so high and it did not help me with the glow part.It is totally useless to pay such high price for something that would only give you soft and supple skin and no brightness.

If in case, if you have any suggestions for facial for dry, dehydrated and dull skin. Your suggestions are welcome.

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