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Well I love bridal sites, bridal shows, and this Ad is also about a bride from different regions. Though I personally don’t like Katrina at all but at times she manages to please me. I know I am sounding stupid, but somehow it’s very rare that I smitten by her beauty. She sucks as an actor. I don’t even like a single movie of hers. But unlike this time she killed me with her looks in this new slice Ad. She is looking resplendent and spectacular. Amazingly choreographed, locations chosen discerningly and the most important thing she is looking like million bucks in all the outfits she has worn. She has been associated with this brand from a long time now.

Last year it was all about seducing and attracting and this season she appeared in the Ad for “Aamvyavar” which I think was swamywar for Aaaaaaaams and it seems this time she has short listed three new variants across country. 
One is Lucknowi, 
second is Gujarati and 
third is south Indian

India is such diverse country and we all know that we have such rich culture and when it comes to regions, every region speaks their story and especially when one has to showcase different brides of India.It again becomes exciting and every region has their own trademark style.
I don’t know how many of you have flipped through the pages of Tanishq magazine just to see brides of India or must have seen different types of brides in Lakme Advertisements also. I go crazy and make it to the point that whenever I visit Tanishq I do read that magazine. It just makes me feel wow.Anyways coming to the advertisement she is looking lovely in all the outfits in her bridal avatar but I liked her more in Lucknowi style.

I do not know, since when I have developed tremendous love for Jhoomers and I plan to wear one in my sister’s marriage. They look super cool. This bride from band Baja bride is also seen wearing jhoomer with messy hairstyle and she is looking so beautiful and elegant and the color of the outfit is also nice..

I read this statement somewhere that Katrina Kaif too liked herself in Lucknowi outfit more than any other outfit. All the outfits are designed by Anaita Shroff Adajania. Never heard of her though but she has done a splendid job. Kat never looked so beautiful. She doesn’t look good in Indian Wear because of her body shape. She has got athletic body and lehengas and suits don’t suit her much but on the contradictory side she looked nice in all the avatars.

Lucknowi style Bride:-

I am discussing this first because this has been the highlight of this Ad. This look is very traditional and in fact all the looks are so mesmerizing and traditional.

For this look, to start from top to bottom, she is wearing just jhoomer with no maang tikka and I believe she is wearing Vintage jewellery, jhumkis are looking so awesome. I totally loved the outfit. Vintage jewellery with vintage dress. she is wearing lime green color Lehanga/sharara with dashes of baby pink in between. I am sure it is sharara because since she is representing Lucknow so sharara is a must and green color also. I am in love this combination. It totally rocks...

Coming to Makeup she has done smokey eye with nude lips and applied a baby pink fluorescent shade on her nails .In case if you are choosing to wear a pastel outfit you can go for smoky eyes. They look nice together and She is looking totally ravishing and that diamond stud on her nose looks equally awesome.

South Indian Style:-

She has done this look also with ease. Her Matha Patti is so traditional. Mixture of ruby and pearls. 

She has styled her hair just like any other south Indian bride, the only difference is that she has done loose plates and has worn beautiful jewellery on her plates also. I really like that. 

She is wearing an orange color kanjivaram saree which is more or less like a gown .It is fish cut style at the bottom.

A traditional kanjivaram saree is what south Indian brides wear and that is always grand but she has kept it minimal. She is wearing saree belt also which looks so cool. Her makeup is very subtle in this avatar .I think she is wearing brown colored lipstick.

Gujarati Bridal Look:-

I liked her in this avatar as well. A multi color mirror worked blouse with waist coat, and coral layered Lehanga.what more a girl could ask for. Totally out of this world. 

Her eyes were framed with swarovski crystals.  

Decorative colorful bangles with baali style earrings and a kundan maang tikka .she is wearing kundan jewellery with no neck piece and makeup is also kept minimal.

 Coral is the color of the season and she looked totally ravishing.

  • Something which I would like to share is for brides to be, do check out coral color Lehanga with red blouse .it looks so nice. Something which Amna sharif wore.

  • For bride’s sisters you may go for pastel color Lehengas.OMG they look totally entrancing.For reference you may check out Kareena Kapoor's Lehenga at a jewellery shoot.Pure Pastel green color lehenga with Fuschia pink color blouse.

  • Chaand Baalis and side jhoomars are in vogue.

  • Pastel colors are totally in fashion.

  • Kundan or diamond jewellery looks so nice with any of the outfits.

  • Colorful lehengas are a good option for mehendi.

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Kareena Kapoor lehenga from here
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Malaika Arora Khan Jhoomer from here
All pics are collected from different websites.

Check out the gorgeousness and post your comments to let me know In which avatar did you like her the most?


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katrina looks awesome

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Ktrine looks gorgeous, awsome compilation dear :)

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she is my fav..I love her...she looks grgs <3

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katrina has that spunk in her!!

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Katrina looks gorgeous always.. nice article..
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