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Hey all the beautiful people out there. If you are reading my blog, after product reviews and other gyan I have shared, I am writing a new post based on celebrity styling and beauty tips. So this time I choose KAREENA KAPOOR.

Kareena Kapoor is my all time favorite. I just Love her. There is something about her, that attracts me and I hope others will also agree. I am totally smitten by her beauty.

With time she has improved her style and acting as well .She has evolved as a mature actress and has won hearts of many with her immaculate style sense. At the age of 34 and after being married she has shown the world that one can easily achieve anything and everything in life with strong determination and hard work. She has given an open challenge to all the married actresses. She can easily give young actresses a run for their money.

Initially, when she debuted with Refugee not to mention it was a disaster. 

The only thing that helped her was oodles of talent and charm on her face. She grew as an actor and she learned a lot about makeup also. When she shared screen with Hrithik Roshan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum all the girls went gaga over her. Her impeccable and distinguished style won hearts of many.

Who can forget her character as “POO” not at least me, but as she became 2-3 movies old, her same style of dressing, makeup, and acting overpowered her charm and people started getting bored with her repetitive style. 

Not to forget her blonde hair in Aitraaz and with other disasters she kept all the critics busy commenting on her. By this time she had totally wrecked herself.

It was late, but life saving realization by her during “Jab we met” days when she emerged as true fashionista and real transformation took place when she lost oodles of weight. “Jab we met” made her superstar overnight.

Her character as “GEET” could not be forgotten. Every inch of her style was copied, be it comfy Patiala Pajamas with long t-shirts or Patiala suits or Long skirts, everything was being copied and who can forget red painted nails,which became fancy of every girl. It took her career to the new heights
and then TASHAN was released which changed her life forever and her weight loss story was the talk of the town. Everyone went restless and people were dying to know how she lost baby weight and managed to look like million bucks...Everything changed overnight.

Bebo, this is what she is fondly called has green eyes and milky complexion. Her name is said to be inspired from a novel “Anna Karenina” that her mother was reading while she was expecting Kareena.

Kareena Kapoor doesn’t believe much on facials as she thinks that she has genetically beautiful skin and she dislikes anything which is chemical. She loves oiling her hair with concoction of 3-4 oils to keep her tresses healthy. She loves to wear kohl and her favorite is Chanel Kohl .she uses Clarins Sunscreen during summers and Clarins Hydraquench Cream to keep her hydrating during winters and she always wear pink color lipstick which looks so natural on her. She has such a nice face cut and sculpted cheekbones. Her arched eyebrows make her face look more chiseled.

Kareena follows 3 disciplined routines-her makeup regime, her diet and exercise. She is biggest follower of Yoga. In one of  Rujeta’s (her dietician) book it was written that Kareena always had problem of upset stomach but her diet changed her mindset and eating habit as well and we all know how her diet helped and changed Kareena.

As far as her hairstyle is concerned, she is always seen either with a simple bun or chick hairstyles but most of the times one can see her with her ends either curled or ironed straight. With just Kohl rimmed eyes and Nude lips she can create waves and I really like her that way.

I read it somewhere that she has got never ending love for Shoes. She owns countless pairs of shoes.

She has been spotted many times sans makeup and her skin looks so healthy and glowing.Even in movies like yuva, Satyagraha, Dev, Omkara, she was seen without makeup and she looks gorgeous without Makeup also.

Kareena Kapoor has created never seen before rave amongst the masses. Even when it was her wedding she was seen in best of the outfits designed by Manish Malhotra .All the outfits worn by her were worth drooling. That emerald necklace stole the show .

Her gorgeous orange and Golden Sangeet Lehanga was so nicely designed that it added spark to her beauty. She has learnt a lot with respect to her makeup.

Her dressing style has become even classier after her Marriage to Nawab Pataudi.

She makes it to the point that everything falls in the place, be it makeup or any attire she wears. I don’t remember if she has donned any look that did not grab eyeballs.

I wish she continues to rule over Bollywood in years to come .She is truly a diva

What do you think?

This post is just for Fun and not to hurt anyone's sentiments.All the pictures are imported from Google and information about the star has been collected from various sources.


laks said...

Nice write up about Kareena. Not a great fan of her but love her fashion sense :D

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Nice post dear :)

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Kareena style is impeccable and she looks super hawt in her wedding ceremoniess..:)

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she is soo pretty..i love her...beautiful post
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Like u said... I am also completely smittern by Kareena Kapoor's beauty..... I am huge fan of hers... And you wrote a nice post to consolidate all the stuff about her... Check out Red Glitterati Nails on my blog.

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Lovely Post! I love Kareen Kapoor :)

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I love kareena kapoor..she is v pretty
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