Friday, 22 January 2016


When ZA was launched in India they were giving away samples of their face washes and face creams to people and of which i have mentioned here as well.

I had bought ZA total hydration fresh foamy cleanser few months back as it won Vogue Best skin care award and was little excited to try this so i just ordered through used it till winters began officially.Find out the kind of experience i had with it.

ZA total Hydration Fresh Foamy Cleanser with vitamin E

What Za claims:-

A refreshing cleansing foam that removes excess sebum and skin flakes gently.It  polishes the skin to form a clear complexion. It cleanses impurities while retaining vital moisture for clear skin.  Its fine textured, rich foam gently covers the skin while cleansing.

Resolves dryness and stickiness. For resilient skin with less visible pores. Full of the moisture and ingredients that skin needs...Results in smooth skin that glows from within.

Price:299 INR for 100 gms.

Packaging: It resembles The Body shop Vitamin E  cleanser a lot. In fact it even smells same.It is baby pink in color and has flip open cap.

Texture: It is creamy and white in color and is exactly same in texture like Za white cleanser.Granular in nature but the granules in it are not hard and wont even harm the skin.In fact it just works double as face wash as well as scrubber.

My experience:

I like it a lot as cleanser but the only thing i dislike is it makes my skin a bit dry but i don't need moisturizer after that. It says total hydration but i wonder it wont hydrate dry skin much.


  • Pea size amount is needed .
  • It lathers really well. 
  • It is super creamy in texture.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Packaging is user friendly .
  • Cleans oil from the face.


  • Dry skin beauties may /may not like it.It is not hydrating enough.

Would i repurchase? No, not because it makes my skin dry but there are other face washes also to try .Till date i have liked Just herbs honey exfoliating face wash and Aderma Face wash.These both are well efficient and easy on pocket.


 I had received sample of it with Envy box and it was pretty big to use it for one month .

Product Description:

A whitening clay mask that instantly exfoliates excess surface cells for translucent skin.  It removes impurities around pores, absorbs sebum, and instantly imparts translucent, glowing and radiant skin.

How to use:
After wash and dry your face, take some clay mask and spread it over face, avoiding the area around eyes and mouth. Gently massage face using small circular motion for about 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water.

Price: 399 INR for 100gms.

Texture:White clay like .Its texture us like Colgate toothpaste.:)

My Experience:I just love it ...No doubt about it. I like its efficacy of cleaning my face . Its so gentle on skin . I am dry skin types but it doesn't further make it dry. There are soft granules in it which doesn't harm skin even if used daily. I would always repurchase this . For me its a star product from ZA.Highly Recommended.


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