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Kajal is every girl's weakness and our Indian market is flooded with all sorts of Kajal, Kohl and what not..Its every girl's fantasy and I love Kohl laden Eyes.I always wonder which Kajal does Kareena Kapoor use .Its true that she is endorser of Lakme Absolute but i am sure she doesn't use it..Lakme Absolute range has been so far so good and i have tried a number of products from this range and Lakme absolute Kohl is one of the best sellers from this range.

The first of its kind water-resistant, smudge-proof, jet black kohl pencil for the perfect smokey eye. Its unique moisturizing ceremides soothe and soften lashes. Safe to apply inside the eye while giving the ultimate, long lasting, jet black lines.
Price: 700 INR

Available Shades: Black

Product Claims:Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate is 3 in 1 smooth kohl stick with sharpener and smudger.It is enriched with moisturizing ceramides that make the eyes’ skin soft and sooth. It gives intense black look in just one stroke. This kohl pencil moisturizes and pampers your eyes. Its smudge proof, water resistant formula ensures a long lasting finish. You can easily create smokey look by using the smudge tip.

Lakme has been one of my favorite brand .I started my makeup journey with Lakme products.It has drastically changed its brand image over the period of years .Lakme Absolute claims to give you sharp fine and jet black color It comes with a smudger .Lakme claims it to be smudge proof long lasting and water proof .Lets see if it stands all its claims.

My Experience:
I have finished two pencils so far .Before purchasing it i  was using Inglot kohl which use to smudge like crazy and no other Kohl in market seemed to be good except Maybelline Gel Liner which i would say is not completely smudge and water proof but still better than other Kohls.I had then finished Maybelline so was using Inglot but Lakme attracted me because it had smudger on one end and kohl on the other end .

To be precise It does smudge & is not completely smudge proof .My sockets use to look black at the end of the day which i literally hate like anything. Why does any of the Kohl's available in the market not stick to eyes.I just hate racoon eyes.

It is not even waterproof .But yes it is jet black. It gives you good finish in just one stroke but how-much ever i try to create smokey look with its so called "useless smudger"it just doesn't help in smudging.It is simply useless and i do not just understand why Lakme doesn't change it .It is not that they do not know about their failed product.

When is say it is not smudge proof i mean to say on my tear line .If i use it above ,oh boy it doesn't budge even a bit.It will remain on your eyes till you remove it using a Makeup Remover .I have worn it for 8 hours 9 hours and it doesn't smudge at all.To use it on your tear line.Use compact powder on your eyes and then apply it and to finish the look just blend the powder.It will give you long lasting results.My tear line is quite watery.Now i have completely stopped using it because it doesn't stick to my tear line but yes as a liner i certainly use it on my upper line. Pigmentation is superb.

And my current Favorite Kajal is  L'Oreal 36 hr super gel liner -Profound Black . I have become ardent fan of this Liner .I switch between Colorbar Smokey Kajal and L'Oreal Paris Gel eyeliner.If you too face same problem of watery eyes and kajal tends to smudge use Loreal Gel liner .I liked it quite a lot and it wont disappoint you also.To get smokey affect i use Colorbar Smokey eyeliner.

  • Nice Packing.
  • Easily available.
  • Travel friendly
  • Jet black color in one single stroke.
  • Glides like a dream .so creamy and soft.totally effortlessly .
  • Doesn't stink your eyes.
  • It doesn't budge or smudge on upper line.
  • dermatologist approved.
  • When it comes to waterline it does smudge .
  •  Smudger is just useless.
  • Sharpening leads to wastage of product.
  • Expensive.
  • Tip breaks quite often due to its creamy texture.
 This kohl can be used on upper line and it does not budge even a bit so i would definitely recommend it . One of the best liners available in market.

Rating: 4/5

Available on Amazon.com,Nykaa.com, flipkart.com , all retail outlets

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