Friday, 6 June 2014

Olay Regenerist Night Firming Cream

PRODUCT: Olay Regenerist Night Firming Cream




Well I don’t really know why I purchased this cream. This was a part of impulsive buying but it is true that I was looking for a night cream & wanted to add a night cream to my skin care routine. I had heard OLAY too have a night cream so when I saw this, I thought of giving it a try.Also, when i read that it helps in anti-aging i was convinced.

Tip:It becomes very very important to include one night cream, brightening cream and something which will help in slowing the aging process once you cross 25 .

You see girls always have their own reasons to buy the products.we just somehow want them.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Wake up to the look of a mini-lift each morning with Olay’s hydrating anti aging complex.

• Replenishes skin with moisture to firm its appearance.

PACKAGING: It comes in a glass jar with grayish black color plastic top which is not at all travel friendly and the jar is so heavy.

Olay regenerist night firming cream is thick in nature and not runny and it is grayish white/purplish in color. I am Confused with the color of the cream. 

It has a nice smell which fades away quickly once you apply it. I religiously use to apply it on my face during night before sleeping and I used it for continuous 2-3 months. My skin absorbs this cream so quickly and there is no greasiness or oiliness on face. It has properties that of a primer.

HOW TO USE:Smooth over cleansed face & neck every evening.Avoid getting in your eyes. 

One thing i would like to mention here.People always apply cream on face and forget their neck area wherein aging  actually starts from neck area.Those fine lines around the neck area are very hard to conceal.

MY EXPERIENCE: I told you that I was applying Olay regenerist night firming cream for 2-3 months religiously  & for obvious reasons I was not expecting any miracles to happen but it definitely made my skin super smooth and when I say smooth, it made my skin as soft as a rose petal and it felt like satin. But I did not feel any hydrating effect in my skin. Since it claims for the same, I feel that was missing .May be, because my skin is very dry and I used it in winters and during winters skin tend to be more dry...

Now let’s see if it was able to withstand the claims:

MINI-LIFT EACH MORNING: well, it is too early to say anything on this. In 2-3 months no one will be able to notice such results.

OLAY’S HYDRATING ANTI AGING COMPLEX: Hydration part is missing. Seriously, for oily skin it will behave better than dry skin.

REPLENISHES SKIN WITH MOISTURE TO FIRM ITS APPEARANCE: I liked the way my skin use to behave after using this. My skin looked very firm and supple.


  • Makes skin firm.

  • Makes skin soft and supple.

  • Skin absorbs it very quickly.

  • No white cast.

  • No greasiness or oiliness.

  • Will last for at least 6 months.

  • Acts as a good primer also.

  • Easily available.


  • Glass jar packing.

  • Heavy container.

  • Travel unfriendly.

  • Not meant for extremely dry skin.


Absolutely  yes..If you are looking for a good night cream with additional properties of anti aging then do give this cream a shot .It will cent percent not let you down. It acts as a great primer also that means you can wear it during day time also and it does not feel heavy also on skin.

Rating: 3.75/5 (for heavy jar, being travel unfriendly).

I wont buy it again..